TruPLENISH™ Nutritional Supplement Shake (Chocolate)


Transform your body composition with this delicious chocolate meal replacement shake.



Product Information

Filled with vitamins, minerals, probiotics, Glyconutrients and over 20 grams of protein TruPLENISH doesn’t focus on simply lowering the scale, but instead supports healthy weight management and digestion by nourishing your body with real food and nutrients while reducing your caloric intake.

Available in chocolate or vanilla varieties, TruPLENISH provides you with a range of exciting benefits:

  • Helps reduce feelings of hunger and increase satiety
  • Promotes healthy weight loss, for a healthier, leaner body
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Helps you look and feel better

Toss out the old shakes and diet books and experience the difference of real food nutrition.


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