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Improve Concentration

More Confident

Feel Empowered

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Does your child struggle with:

Mindful Kids & Mindful Parents Class Timetable

‘Empowered Kids’ is a Mindfulness Program created to help children find peace and calm inside themselves. The program is designed using positive psychological strategies to lessen kids anxiety and stress and will increase resilience in children from Kindergarten to Year 12.


The program is perfect for children and teens who suffer from anxiety, providing them with the skills, practice and support to utilise coping strategies that lessen the symptoms of anxiety and stress.


  • Monday

    Primary School Students
    4:30 PM

The Mindful Kids Course Designed To Help Your Child Live A Happy & Balanced Life!

Mindful Kids

With the use of games, stories and music your child
will receive tools to build a solid foundation
to handle life’s challenges.

Mindful Parents

Mindful Parents teaches positive psychology parenting strategies to help lesson stress to enjoy parenting happier and more kind children.

Living in this current environment is hard on everyone, especially your child.

With my passion and experience in Kids Yoga teaching, I want to support children in another powerful tool to help strengthen our kids, both inside and out. I knew supporting kids was where I wanted to make the difference in the world.


Being a mum of 2 girls, I have watched my own kids and many of their peers struggle with their emotions, self regulation and friendships. Experiencing this I felt an incredible pull towards helping kids, and to find something that could make a difference.


I am now so happy to be delivering the Mindful Kids classes and programs that empower our youth and make a difference in the lives of all kids and teens.


“To educate and enhance the lives of children and inspire them to live a life empowered from within.”


Your child is going to experience the difference kids yoga & mindfulness can make!

How It Works

1. Book Your Exploration Call

They get to experience yoga and all of it’s benefits.

2. Start The 8 Week Program To Strengthen Your Child’s Mind, Body & Emotions

Your child will grow in sense of peace, emotionally and physically using proven mindfulness exercises for children.

3. Your Child Becomes More Happy, Peaceful, Calm & Balanced

Your teen gets to experience of a solid physical, mental and emotional foundation that will last a lifetime.

Your Yogi & Mindfulness Coach:

Racquel Courtney

What You Can Look Forward To For Your Child