Kids Yoga is not Normal Yoga

I find that as we drag our kids from place to place with the expectation to keep up, not really watching if they are falling apart and stopping and giving them time to help them deal with it if they do. Quite the opposite I often see mums not aware of themselves, getting cranky at their kids when the kids are tried of trying to keep up and obviously not ok.  As mums are dealing with our own exhaustion and pressures and trying to be the best and give them the best we can, but missing the most simple connection and that is time for them.  It makes me so sad. 

As a mum I know how stressful it all is, and that we have so many expectations on ourselves and the things we need to do and we just need to get them done.  Unfortunately from watching us, our kids then think it’s normal to do the same to their friends, to go so fast and to not care if someone isn’t able to deal with what’s going on.  Unfortunately, we then see then some of the little ones that may be a bit weaker or not able to keep up get left behind and therefore left out.

Children seem to be the ones we just expect to be ok. They are born into this world and they know no other way, so why would they struggle we ask. The answer is they do and its because our world is super fast nowadays and kids are still developing at the same rate that we did. Just because they seem so much older now as the information highway never leaves their hands, they still don’t know the basic things like how to regulate their emotions, how to self calm, how to find peace inside, how not to take everything to heart, how to say no, or to react when they don’t feel good about themselves.   

That where Yoga can really help.

It is well known that yoga itself through general practice is such a simple and powerful form of creating that connection between mind and body, which has so much reference to building self confidence and the same works for our kids too.

Here in our Yoga for kids programs we have specially designed programs to show all children how to find that stillness go at the same pace. Starting with the breathing, generally at the beginning on the class, we show kids how to very simply calm themselves down from the height all of their emotions with simple and fun ways that can be integrated at school, at home, anywhere.

Teaching such basic skills that we find most kids don’t know about quickly gives everyone a chance to find a place of calm, a place of peace inside.  This is the first step of allowing them to self regulate.  To learn how quickly some of the exercises can stop crazy emotions and how fun they can be too can do amazing benefits for our kids. They just love the games we do with breathing and often do them at home and come back and tell us about it.

Then in our classes we find our strength in many different ways, being the poses we find physical strength and ability. The stories we look inside ourselves for similarities to carry with us, the meditations we learn to focus and inner control and calm, and the craft is a chance to share with each other words, and acts of kindness that we know make a real difference in their hearts.  WE know how important that connection is in our kids yoga that in every class for kids we incorporate either some beautiful team work or craft time creating beautiful opportunities to share together and build each other up.   In every kids yoga class with us, we always take time to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

So if you’re looking for a program to help your children be the best they can, wanting to get them to learn having fun and getting some great exercises too, then come and join our classes. Use your active kids voucher and only pay $20 for the whole term.

I would love to see you and your kids on the mats and please feel free to message me if you have any questions or would like to have a chat at how our programs work. I would love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful day, love and light,

Racquel ❤️

Namaste 🙏