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Improve Concentration

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At Empowered Elements we really turn up the temperature when it comes to kids yoga.  Offering a complete program for school age children. K-2, 3-6, High School.  Providing physical, cognitive, and emotional strengthening, helping build a strong emotional and social foundation.

Children's Yoga Therapy (Kids Yoga Therapy), when done with us is so re-framing for the children, that schools and parents are quite surprised at the difference and improvements they see it has in the children in a quick amount of time.   

At Empowered Elements we understanding that children are wildly different to adults, therefore we have a developed an intelligent and systematic programs bringing optimal results in all kids. Our class deliverance is based on following a term schedule for optimal results.

Keeping the levels and poses at a fun, interactive and high levels of energy, our tailored programs using meridian based yoga exercises have proven to be the most beneficial experience and results for kids.   By the end of every class we will always see our kids surrendering in shavasana. Still, quiet and totally at peace .  A very welcome sight for parents as they come to collect their once wild child.  

At Empowered Elements  our kids and teens yoga goes beyond game-based classes. It provides a solid physical, mental and emotional foundation that will last a lifetime.  Yoga builds discipline, focus and self-esteem as well as resiliency and a powerful self image, which is why we are passionate about yoga therapy classes for kids and teens.

Yoga = happy and balanced kids

We incorporate meridian based yoga therapy in addition to traditional asanas and yoga postures. Our classes are created to strengthen the children not just physically but also emotionally. This helps  them at school and at home to become a much more balanced and happy child.

We strive to make a REAL difference in our practice! 


To support our focus on body restoration and optimal performance for everyone. The adults programs we offer are Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Therapy, Yin & Restorative Yoga.   

Yin and Restorative Yoga are the style of classes which are slower in nature and allow your mind and body to slow down and reconnect.  Providing a chance for your breathe to help control the emotions that are always on high from the hectic arena we create in our minds.   

Our first style, Vinyasa Flow, requires a little more energy to participate, but great if you need to feel the energetic connection of mind and physical movement, which is great at helping you feel back in control of your life.   

Whilst the Yoga Therapy classes we run will allow those who need more of an emotional balance in their lives.  A chance to slow down the body, allowing emotional replenishment, as well as physical exercise.

How It Works

1. Book Your Child’s Free Class

They get to experience yoga and all of it’s benefits.

2. Learn Exercises To Strengthen Your Child’s Mind, Body & Emotions

Your child will grow in strength, flexibility and mindfulness using proven yoga therapies for children.

3. Your Child Becomes More Happy, Peaceful, Calm & Balanced

Your teen gets to experience of a solid physical, mental and emotional foundation that will last a lifetime.

Your Yogi & Mindfulness Coach:

Racquel Courtney

Accredited Children’s Yoga Teacher
Accredited Yoga Therapy Teacher
Full Licenced Adults Yoga Teacher
Accredited Yin Yoga Teacher

"Educating children, enhancing their lives to live a life empowered from within.".


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